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Training Equipment

Gym Equipments


All Squads

Water Bottle.  We recommend a 1ltr water bottle to ensure you have enough fluids for a full training session or day at competition.  FastLegs stocks Hart SC 1ltr bottles


Swim Hat x 2.  Always always have a spare swim cap.  You receive one free when you become a member, additional Hart SC caps can be purchased from Fastlegs


Goggles x 2.  Likewise, please always have a spare pair of goggles with you when training or at competitions. 



Pull Buoy. 




Skipping Rope - For warm up pre training and competition


Net Bag for kit storage. 

Drawstring bag for poolside / competitions. PLEASE OWN ONE – FastLegs stock Hart SC branded bags

Microfibre towel.  Saves considerable space on poolside rather than bulky towel. PLEASE OWN ONE – FastLegs stock Hart SC branded towels.


Club Shirt - Order via FastLegs


Performance Squads

Finger Paddles / Hand Paddles.  


Land Training

  • Wear clothes that give a full range of motion

  • T-shirts, track suit bottoms, shorts or leggins

  • Sensible trainers (NOT fashion trainers) should be worn

  • Also, wear appropriate colours: consider that light colours reflect heat and dark colours absorb heat.

  • Water bottle(s)

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